Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Night Prayer

God, what's the point of my life? Help me to be patient but also to take action when I sense your movement. Oh Spirit, please take away my fear, that I may serve you without its restricting force! Please give me energy, initiative, and assurance where I lack it. Please fill the dark ambiguity in my life with the light of your truth! Please lead me to places of sweet fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters. Please instruct me how to give myself away to others.

Lord, be close to me in moments of stress and difficulty! Help me in those weak times to see and know and trust your promises. Grant me peace of mind, oh God, and refine my vision to see your blessings.Remind me that I am but withering grass; comfort me with the truth that my life is a mist. Enable me to live my fleeting moments well, oh Creator God! May I not waste them in fear, hopelessness, indecision, or self-obsession. When I am alone, fill me with yourself. When I am still, may my ear hear your voice. When I am among others, may your words be on my lips. Every hour, Lord, lead me on the path of righteousness in your grace and deliver me from evil.

I long to hear the story of your salvation again and again, and I hunger for you, my Sustainer! You open your hand and satisfy every living thing. You alone know what is good. Oh my Father, fill me and be my help!