Monday, January 18, 2010

To Those Who Reside As Aliens...

Through the resurrection of the Christ,
comes rebirth into the Father's
mysterious salvation. We are now
a people whose living hope lies ahead—
resurrection and unending fellowship
with our Father.

Fixed on this awaiting grace,
we order our lives accordingly.

We continue not in the futile way
of life handed down. Called out
of darkness, we turn from evil
in all its forms. Called into light,
we do good and seek peace.

Like Christ upon the cross, we endure
injustice for the sake of others.
We leave behind carnal habits that
bind us to a world not ours—
malice, deceit, hypocrisy,
envy, slander, lust.

To the world, we seem peculiar.

They see separation from evil
and ponder us. They wonder
of our kinship and our
fervent, patient love.

A people so assured,
so fearless, so humble,
so eager to do good. I have
never known such folk.

We answer, “Come. Hear of our Hope.
He died in weakness and calls us
to suffer. He endured scorn
without reply. He threatened not
his sinful killers. He was wounded
in innocence and so healed us.
By him we live in peace, unafraid
of divine judgment, for now
we are sons and daughters.”

“Yes, on the tree he made us family.
So together we wait for him to rise
again-this time from the Father's
right hand, to descend and
make our call complete.”